• Watch Movies Archive (2020) Full Free Online
    109 Min
    2038: George Almore is working on a true human-equivalent AI, and his latest prototype is almost ready. This sensitive phase is also the riskiest as he has a goal that must be hidden at all costs—being reunited with his dead wife.
    2020 Sci-Fi
  • Watch Movies Volition (2019) Full Free Online
    91 Min
    A man afflicted with clairvoyance tries to change his fate when a series of events leads to a vision of his own imminent murder.
    2019 Sci-Fi
  • Watch Movies Disruption (2019) Full Free Online
    62 Min
    A couple fights for their lives when their new car unexpectedly breaks down on a deserted Detroit street.
    2019 Drama
  • Watch Movies The Gallows Act II (2019) Full Free Online
    99 Min
    After Auna Rue, a teenage vlogger/aspiring actress, logs onto a sinister website, she’s soon trapped in the malevolent world of a cursed stage play, The Gallows. After performing a passage from the play for her tiny online fan base, Auna instantly achieves the stardom she seeks-as well as a twisted challenge from a deadly spirit...
    2019 Horror
  • Watch Movies Bikini Frankenstein (2010) Full Free Online
    81 Min
    Convinced that the average male couldn’t tell the difference between a living woman and a corpse, the nefarious Dr. Frankenstein creates an undead sex-kitten named Eve. Key:Frankie Cullen films watch (1), watch movies 18 (1)
    2010 18+
  • Watch Movies Alienated (2020) Full Free Online
    62 Min
    David Bennett, a struggling OCD scientist (Michael Aaron Carico) with father issues has a life-altering encounter with a UFO and winds up falling for Jordan Waters (Gracie Lacey) a quirky and mysterious female artist who, unbeknownst to him, turns out to be an alien who’s being hunted by Ray Watts (Paul Hayes), a determined conspiracy...
    2019 Sci-Fi
  • Watch Movies Termination (2019) Full Free Online
    95 Min
    6 short stories about space, inter-dimensional threat, and murder told by storytellers all over the world.
    2019 Action
  • Watch Movies Variant (2020) Full Free Online
    91 Min
    When an artist struggling for purpose meets a mysterious yet charming stranger, she becomes entangled in his twisted attempts to “relive the perfect moment.” (Completed in 2018 but still awaiting release)
    2020 Sci-Fi
  • Watch Movies Maximillian (2019) Full Free Online
    72 Min
    The secret team of assassins, the Shadows, are put to the test in an ultimate game of survival.
    2019 Action
  • Watch Movies We Need to Talk About A.I (2020) Full Free Online
    86 Min
    Once thought to exist purely in the realms of science fiction, the creation of a Super Intelligence is becoming more and more likely every day and, should it come to pass, would be the single biggest threat to humanity that has ever existed. From the creators of Beyond The Edge and McLaren and narrated by...
    2020 Documentary
  • Watch Movies Edge of Extinction (2020) Full Free Online
    161 Min
    15 years after a global apocalypse, mankind is on the verge of extinction. Civilisation no longer exists, food is scarce and most eke out a living by stealing and killing. One boy clings onto life in the desolate British countryside, where staying away from others has been key to his survival. But this self-imposed isolation...
    2020 Sci-Fi
  • Watch Movies Last and First Men (2020) Full Free Online
    70 Min
    Two billion years ahead of us, a future race of humans finds itself on the verge of extinction. Almost all that is left in the world are lone and surreal monuments, beaming their message into the wilderness.
    2020 Sci-Fi
  • Watch Movies Bloom (TV Series 2019) Full Free Online
    12 EPS
    A year after a devastating flood kills five locals in an idyllic country town, a mysterious new plant appears with the power to restore their youth. It’s a gift powerful beyond wildest imaginings. A phenomenon so formidable that attempting to harness its potency means re-evaluating everything that’s important. It’s a miracle some will kill to...
    2019 Drama
  • Watch Movies Proximity (2020) Full Free Online
    119 Min
    A young NASA JPL scientist is abducted by extraterrestrials but when no one believes his story he becomes obsessed with finding proof which leads him on a journey of discovery.
    2020 Drama
  • Watch Movies The Vast of Night (2020) Full Free Online
    89 Min
    At the dawn of the space-race, two radio-obsessed teens discover a strange frequency over the airwaves in what becomes the most important night of their lives and in the history of their small town.
    2020 Mystery
  • Watch Movies Nathan’s Kingdom (2018) Full Free Online
    93 Min
    Nathan’s Kingdom is a dark fantasy, coming-of-age drama about Nathan, a 25-year-old autistic man struggling with his teenage prescription-addict sister, and rather than surrendering their lives to social services, they risk it all to find a kingdom that once existed only in their imaginations.
    2018 Adventure
  • Watch Movies Being (2019) Full Free Online
    85 Min
    A festive gathering in a secluded small-town farmhouse in the mountains is brought to a halt when a bright burst of light explodes from the barn. Stranded in the middle of nowhere, they carefully investigate, making a discovery not of this world.
    2019 Drama
  • Watch Movies Blood Machines (2020) Full Free Online
    50 Min
    An artificial intelligence escapes her spaceship to turn into a female ghost and challenges two blade runners to a galactic chase. Key:movie 18 (1)
    2020 18+
  • Watch Movies Trigger Points (2020) Full Free Online
    95 Min
    The world had changed. Streets day by day were filled with protest. The unemployed. The lost. Chaos. Then something happened. Something though it had no name had arrived. Fear. Fear over took rationale. The streets became empty. The new age of reliance had begun. The reliance on power. The reliance on comfort. On certainty. Something...
    2020 Sci-Fi
  • Watch Movies Time Apart (2020) Full Free Online
    80 Min
    Time Apart explores a long distance relationship with a sci fi twist – when Seb starts mysteriously vanishing for years at a time, girlfriend Nina struggles to move on without him.
    2020 Sci-Fi