• Watch Movies Shortcut (2020) Full Free Online
    80 Min
    A group of five classmates is trapped inside their school bus after a mysterious creature invade the road. Time runs and every passing minute decreases their survival chances against the constant threats of that unknown entity. Key:film germany (1)
    2020 Adventure
  • Watch Movies Cat People (1982) Full Free Online
    118 Min
    An Erotic Fantasy about The animal in USThe Cat People originated way back in time, when humans sacrificed their women to leopards, who mated with them. Cat People look similar to humans, but must mate with other Cat People before they transform into panthers. Irene Gallier was raised by adoptive parents and meets her older...
    1982 18+
  • Watch Movies Shedding (2019) Full Free Online
    75 Min
    A bored house cat who longs to explore the outside world escapes his home after he mysteriously transforms into a human.
    2019 Drama
  • Watch Movies Zombie Bro (2020) Full Free Online
    83 Min
    A young girl must enlist her juvenile father to help save the town from her biting brother. Whilst she’s trying to save the town, she must go through school life whilst hiding her brother’s true form
    2020 Comedy
  • Watch Movies The Midnight Sky (2020) Full Free Online
    122 Min
    A lone scientist in the Arctic races to contact a crew of astronauts returning home to a mysterious global catastrophe.
    2020 Drama
  • Watch Movies Siberia (2020) Full Free Online
    92 Min
    Clint is a dead man who lives alone in a frozen tundra. However, this isolation cannot bring either evasion or peace. One night, he begins a journey where he must confront his dreams, memories, and visions, crossing the darkness into the light.
    2020 Drama
  • Watch Movies Trail of Ashes (2020) Full Free Online
    98 Min
    The search for the empress’s daughter reunites two long lost brothers who grew up on opposite sides of a war and now must choose between family bonds and political alliances.
    2020 Fantasy
  • Watch Movies Beyond Hell (2019) Full Free Online
    89 Min
    After trying a new version of the drug Changa, Maryssa finds herself transported to a hell dimension where the demon, Belial, latches on to her. through Maryssa, Belial begins killing her friends one by one in horrific hallucinations.
    2019 Fantasy
  • Watch Movies Female Perversions (1996) Full Free Online
    120 Min
    Dresses, lipsticks, sex – the “perversions” (and neuroses) of Eve, a young, very successful lawyer. Her days are a tightrope act between extreme eloquence and frosty toughness on the one side, and scaring vulnerability on the other. The climax of her career shall be the possibly forthcoming appointment as a judge, but this step seems...
    1996 18+
  • Watch Movies The Place of No Words (2020) Full Free Online
    95 Min
    A young boy battles the complexities of a grown-up world with his father.
    2020 Fantasy
  • Watch Movies Jiu Jitsu (2020) Full Free Online
    102 Min
    Every six years, an ancient order of jiu-jitsu fighters joins forces to battle a vicious race of alien invaders. But when a celebrated war hero goes down in defeat, the fate of the planet and mankind hangs in the balance. Key:free movies jiu jitsu free (1), jiu jitsu full movie online watch (1), Watch jiu jitsu...
    2020 Action
  • Watch Movies A Babysitter’s Guide to Monster Hunting (2020) Full Free Online
    98 Min
    Recruited by a secret society of babysitters, a high schooler battles the Boogeyman and his monsters when they nab the boy she’s watching on Halloween.
    2020 Comedy
  • Watch Movies Come Away (2020) Full Free Online
    94 Min
    Before Alice went to Wonderland, and before Peter became Pan, they were brother and sister. When their eldest brother dies in a tragic accident, they each seek to save their parents from their downward spirals of despair until finally they are forced to choose between home and imagination, setting the stage for their iconic journeys...
    2020 Adventure
  • Watch Movies Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey (2020) Full Free Online
    122 Min
    An imaginary world comes to life in a holiday tale of an eccentric toymaker, his adventurous granddaughter, and a magical invention that has the power to change their lives forever.
    2020 Family
  • Watch Movies The Mortuary Collection (2020) Full Free Online
    108 Min
    In the phantasmagorical town of Raven’s End, a misguided young girl takes refuge in a decrepit old mortuary. The eccentric undertaker chronicles the strange history of the town through a series of twisted tales, each more terrifying than the last, but the young girl’s world is unhinged when she discovers that the final story… is...
    2020 Fantasy
  • Watch Movies Greatland (2020) Full Free Online
    104 Min
    Trapped in a world of perpetual fun and inter-species love ruled by a universal Mother, a teenage boy crosses the forbidden frontier to save his childhood sweetheart as an absurd election and a deadly virus lead to chaos and violence.
    2020 Fantasy
  • Watch Movies Ill: Final Contagium (2020) Full Free Online
    80 Min
    An anthology film that features four segments. Contagium: The beginning of a global pandemic originated by the macabre experiment of a military scientist. Gully: The calvary of a young man who, as a result of his ambition, is the victim of a painful metamorphosis. The Body: The martyrdom suffered by a woman obsessed with beauty...
    2020 Fantasy
  • Watch Movies Wish Upon A Unicorn (2020) Full Free Online
    93 Min
    Two children discover that their mother is gone. The youngest of the pair, adventurer and upcomming singer, Long Johnson forces his older sister, Lily Johnson, to hunt down a unicorn with magical blood.
    2020 Adventure
  • Watch Movies Archaon: The Halloween Summoning (2020) Full Free Online
    84 Min
    Four college students take possession of a 15th-century Celtic artifact and resurrect the legend of Archaon. Haunting those who dare summon the evil spirit by putting on the mask, one by one they are tormented in the realm of in-between.
    2020 Fantasy
  • Watch Movies The Legend of the Five (2020) Full Free Online
    93 Min
    When a group of misfit teenagers encounter an ancient relic during a school trip, they find themselves caught up in a magical world, with elemental powers beyond their belief.
    2020 Adventure