• Watch Movies Fire in Paradise (2019) Full Free Online
    36 Min
    On 8th November, 2018, a fire broke out in California near the town of Paradise. Over the course of a few hours, the Camp Fire grew into the country’s deadliest wildfire in over a century. Through first-hand footage of the disaster and interviews with survivors and responders, FIRE IN PARADISE retells the survival stories from...
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  • Watch Movies How to Say Goodbye (2018) Full Free Online
    78 Min
    Winner of the Jury Prize at the Art of Brooklyn Film Festival and official selections at Hoboken International Film Festival and the Chelsea International Film Festival, How To Say Goodbye is a personal story by the filmmaker. Tom is a down-and-out bond broker struggling to keep his business afloat, a legacy of his brother who...
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  • Watch Movies Marla Mae (2018) Full Free Online
    92 Min
    When a girl goes to get an IUD implanted by a distant relative, he commits a deranged act which has deadly implications for those close to her.
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  • Watch Movies Sylvia (2018) Full Free Online
    104 Min
    Richard Okezie decides to leave Sylvia, his lifelong imaginary friend and lover for Gbemi a flesh-and-blood real woman, but complications arise when Sylvia decides to destroy Richard’s peaceful life.
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  • Watch Movies Extracurricular (2018) Full Free Online
    90 Min
    Miriam, Derek, Ian, and Jenny are overachieving high school students doing everything by the book. Straight A’s, sports, yearbook, band, and – when coursework allows – planning and executing elaborate murders.
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  • Watch Movies E.M.P. 333 Days (2018) Full Free Online
    83 Min
    After an E.M.P. (Electro Magnetic Pulse) weapon is deployed, North America is forced to live in pre industrial conditions. Anything electrical is useless, sending the country into anarchy. An introverted 11 year old girl must fend and fight for herself while trying to find her father.
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  • Watch Movies Barren Trees (2018) Full Free Online
    99 Min
    A man in the witness protection program struggles with his crumbling home life, while two hitmen from his old neighborhood hunt him down.
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  • Watch Movies Nativity Rocks! (2018) Full Free Online
    100 Min
    The staff and students at St. Bernadette’s Primary School audition for a coveted place in a spectacular rock musical competition.
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  • Watch Movies The 11th Patient (2018) Full Free Online
    80 Min
    Steven, A young teenage boy, is found in a comatose state deep in the woods several months after his kidnapping. The man that kidnapped him is still at large and Steven is the only person who witnessed and survived the ordeal. Now, Steven has been brought to a Doctor who specializes in PTSD patients. Using...
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  • Watch Movies Blanche (2018) Full Free Online
    66 Min
    A lonely, gritty west Texas rancher has disengaged from life after loss but an old compadre masterminds a crazy bet on a chicken named Blanche to help Tommy realize there are second chances at life and love. This tale was inspired by a true bet.
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  • Watch Movies Hamlet in the Golden Vale (2018) Full Free Online
    120 Min
    A company of actors arrive at a castle deep in the Irish countryside and set into motion the story of Shakespeare’s Hamlet. The lives of the actors and their characters intertwine as Prince Hamlet confronts the ghost of his father and seeks revenge on the treacherous Claudius, his uncle and newly appointed king. Hamlet’s pursuit...
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  • Watch Movies The Riot Act (2018) Full Free Online
    101 Min
    After a quiet murder seen by only three people, two avengers bring to life the idea of a ghost in attempt for justice.
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  • Watch Movies Art of Deception (2018) Full Free Online
    90 Min
    After uncovering the CIA’s ruthless master plan for world domination by gaining complete mind control over the entire population, top scientist Joseph Markham is ultimately left with a choice: save the lives of billions…or the life of his wife, who has been kidnapped, interrogated, and brutally tortured but continues to viciously fight for her life....
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  • Watch Movies Like Me (2018) Full Free Online
    80 Min
    After posting a video of herself robbing a convenience store, Kiya amasses a huge social media following. A reckless loner, she seeks some form of genuine human connection. Through her travels, she encounters a drifter, an Internet troll and a paint huffing outsider who are all pulled into her circle of chaos, junk food, and...
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  • Watch Movies President Evil (2018) Full Free Online
    81 Min
    Days before the November mid-term Elections, three young girls who are a Muslim, Mexican and Haitian, are stalked by a deranged killer dressed as the POTUS.
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  • Watch Movies Last Prince of Atlantis (2018) Full Free Online
    84 Min
    The Last Prince of Atlantis is a beautiful fairy tale about love, an animated family movie. The dynamic intrigue, a bright and multidimensional shows keeps the audiences captivated. An old pearl-fisher Bltazar is forced to sell his boat to wealthy man Don Vincenzo. But this is not the worst part. Now Vincenzo wants to take...
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  • Watch Movies Psychomanteum (2018) Full Free Online
    86 Min
    A portmanteau style feature length film made up of several very different short horror films shot in the UK.
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  • Watch Movies The Grizzlies (2018) Full Free Online
    102 Min
    In a small Arctic town struggling with the highest suicide rate in North America, a group of Inuit students’ lives are transformed when they are introduced to the sport of lacrosse.
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  • Watch Movies King of Boys (2018) Full Free Online
    169 Min
    The story of Alhaja Eniola Salami, a businesswoman and philanthropist with a checkered past and a promising political future. As her political ambitions see her outgrowing the underworld connections responsible for her considerable wealth, she’s drawn into a power struggle that threatens everything she holds dear.
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  • Watch Movies Trauma Is a Time Machine (2018) Full Free Online
    82 Min
    The film explores a woman’s self destruction & healing from the traumatic after effects of rape within her relationship.
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