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  • Watch Movies The Cursed (2021) Full Free Online
    111 Min
    In the late nineteenth century, brutal land baron Seamus Laurent slaughters a Roma clan, unleashing a curse on his family and village. In the days that follow, the townspeople are plagued by nightmares, Seamus’s son Edward goes missing, and a boy is found murdered. The locals suspect a wild animal, but visiting pathologist John McBride...
    2021 Fantasy
  • Watch Movies Russian Dolls (2005) Full Free Online
    Les poupées russes
    125 Min
    Xavier is now thirty. No longer a student, he is not yet a well-balanced, fulfilled adult either. His career is unsatisfying: Far from being the renowned novelist he aimed to be he must be content with little jobs such as reporter or ghost writer. His greatest “achievement” in “literature” is his collaboration to the script...
    2005 18+
  • Watch Movies Eli (2019) Full Free Online
    98 Min
    A boy receiving treatment for his auto-immune disorder discovers that the house he’s living in isn’t as safe as he thought.
    2019 Horror
  • Watch Movies Set Fire to the Stars (2014) Full Free Online
    97 Min
    SET FIRE TO THE STARS is a playful, humorous and moving snapshot of one of the world’s most beloved poets. In 1950, John Brinnan invited the highly acclaimed and infamous Dylan Thomas to New York for a series of poetry readings. Ignoring rumours of Thomas’ frivolities back home, Brinnan has his hands full when the...
    2014 Biography
  • Watch Movies Calvary (2014) Full Free Online
    100 Min
    Father James is a small-town priest in Ireland whose Sunday confessionals suddenly include a threat to kill him in a week’s time as a matter of principle. Deeply troubled and conflicted about how to respond, Father James tries to go on with his calling through that week. However, that proves impossible as he is confronted...
    2014 Drama
  • Watch Movies Heaven Is for Real (2014) Full Free Online
    99 Min
    Watch  Heaven Is for Real Online : The true story of the 4-year old son of a small-town pastor who, during emergency surgery, slips from consciousness and enters heaven. When he awakes, he recounts his experiences on the other side.
    2014 Action

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