• Watch Movies Everything: The Real Thing Story (2020) Full Free Online
    Everything: The Real Thing Story (2020)
    94 Min
    Dubbed ‘the black Beatles’ by the British tabloids, the ‘other’ four lads from Liverpool recount their incredible story from the tough streets of Toxteth to the bright lights of New York – a journey of international stardom as Britain’s pioneering million-selling soul and funk band. Against a backdrop of prejudice and political turmoil in the...
    2020 Documentary
  • Watch Movies Yellow Rose (2020) Full Free Online
    Yellow Rose (2020)
    94 Min
    Rose, a 17-year-old Filipino-American teenager from Texas, dreams of becoming a country music icon. She has to fend for herself when her mother is arrested by ICE, and must choose between following her dreams without her mother or leaving her passions behind.
    2020 Drama
  • Watch Movies Viva (2007) Full Free Online
    Viva (2007)
    120 Min
    Barbi is a beautiful but blasé suburban housewife whose handsome mate, Rick, is more interested in his career than in quenching his wife’s sensual thirsts. When up-and-coming actor Mark and his open-minded wife, Sheila, move in next door, Barbi discovers they’re more than willing to help her find the thrills she’s been missing. Before long,...
    2007 18+
  • Watch Movies Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom (2020) Full Free Online
    Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom (2020)
    94 Min
    Tensions rise when the trailblazing Mother of the Blues and her band gather at a Chicago recording studio in 1927. Adapted from August Wilson’s play.
    2020 Drama
  • Watch Movies The Prom (2020) Full Free Online
    The Prom (2020)
    130 Min
    After the PTA of a conservative high school in Indiana bans same-sex couples from attending the annual prom, a gang of flamboyant Broadway stars try to boost their image by showing up to support two lesbian students.
    2020 Comedy
  • Watch Movies Ariana Grande: Excuse Me, I Love You (2020) Full Free Online
    Ariana Grande: Excuse Me, I Love You (2020)
    97 Min
    Ariana Grande takes the stage in London for her Sweetener World Tour and shares a behind-the-scenes look at her life in rehearsal and on the road.
    2020 Music
  • Watch Movies Sylvie’s Love (2020) Full Free Online
    Sylvie’s Love (2020)
    114 Min
    When a young woman meets an aspiring saxophonist in her father’s record shop in 1950s Harlem, their love ignites a sweeping romance that transcends changing times, geography, and professional success.
    2020 Drama
  • Watch Movies Aviva (2020) Full Free Online
    Aviva (2020)
    116 Min
    A unique exploration into romantic connection and gender dynamics, ‘Aviva’ tells the story of a relationship between a man and a woman, with each of the two principal characters played by both a man and a woman. It’s the story of a marriage that develops and eventually dissolves, evolving into deep friendship-all told through a...
    2020 Drama
  • Watch Movies High School Musical: The Musical: The Holiday Special (2020) Full Free Online
    High School Musical: The Musical: The Holiday Special (2020)
    45 Min
    The cast of “High School Musical: The Musical: The Series” delivers an abundance of feel-good holiday cheer as they perform their favorite Christmas, Hanukkah and New Year’s songs and share their fondest holiday memories.
    2020 Comedy
  • Watch Movies Coyote Ugly (2000) Full Free Online
    Coyote Ugly (2000)
    100 Min
    Sexy, romantic comedy about a girl in her early 20s named Violet Sanford going to NYC to pursue a dream of becoming a songwriter. Violet gets a “day” job as a bar maid at a nightclub called Coyote Ugly. Coyote Ugly is the city’s newest hot spot where the employees are a team of sexy,...
    2000 18+
  • Watch Movies Farewell Amor (2020) Full Free Online
    Farewell Amor (2020)
    95 Min
    Reunited after a 17 year separation, Walter, an Angolan immigrant, is joined in the U.S. by his wife and teenage daughter. Now absolute strangers sharing a one-bedroom apartment, they discover a shared love of dance that may help overcome the emotional distance between them.
    2020 Drama
  • Watch Movies Sound of Metal (2020) Full Free Online
    Sound of Metal (2020)
    101 Min
    Metal drummer Ruben begins to lose his hearing. When a doctor tells him his condition will worsen, he thinks his career and life is over. His girlfriend Lou checks the former addict into a rehab for the deaf hoping it will prevent a relapse and help him adapt to his new life. After being welcomed...
    2020 Drama
  • Watch Movies Zappa (2020) Full Free Online
    Zappa (2020)
    129 Min
    With the help of more than 10,000 dedicated Zappa fans, this is the long-awaited definitive documentary project of Alex Winter documenting the life and career of enigmatic groundbreaking rock star Frank Zappa. Alex also utilizes in this picture thousands of hours of painstakingly digitized videos, photos, audio, writing, and everything in between from Zappa’s private...
    2020 Biography
  • Watch Movies Marry Harry (2020) Full Free Online
    Marry Harry (2020)
    81 Min
    Boy meets girl on a block in the East Village, a place like no other, where muses come to life, singing and dancing and magically providing guidance to two misguided romantics and their loving, albeit controlling, parents. Marry Harry is a romantic comedy that explores family (restaurant) business, family loyalty, marriage, love, food and finding...
    2020 Music
  • Watch Movies Sound of Metal (2020) Full Free Online
    Sound of Metal (2020)
    120 Min
    A drummer begins to lose his hearing and has to come to grips with a future that will be filled with silence. Watch on Prime Video.
    2020 Drama
  • Watch Movies Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey (2020) Full Free Online
    Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey (2020)
    122 Min
    An imaginary world comes to life in a holiday tale of an eccentric toymaker, his adventurous granddaughter, and a magical invention that has the power to change their lives forever.
    2020 Family
  • Watch Movies Clouds (2020) Full Free Online
    Clouds (2020)
    121 Min
    Young musician Zach Sobiech discovers his cancer has spread, leaving him just a few months to live. With limited time, he follows his dream and makes an album, unaware that it will soon be a viral music phenomenon.
    2020 Drama
  • Watch Movies This World Won’t Break (2019) Full Free Online
    This World Won’t Break (2019)
    148 Min
    A broke-down middle aged Texas troubadour yearns to be remembered like the southern bluesmen before him, but his failings and self-doubt forestall his musical dreams and blind him to the open road.
    2019 Drama
  • Watch Movies 8 Mile (2002) Full Free Online
    8 Mile (2002)
    110 Min
    The setting is Detroit in 1995. The city is divided by 8 Mile, a road that splits the town in half along racial lines. A young white rapper, Jimmy “B-Rabbit” Smith Jr. summons strength within himself to cross over these arbitrary boundaries to fulfill his dream of success in hip hop. With his pal Future...
    2002 18+
  • Watch Movies Technoboss (2020) Full Free Online
    Technoboss (2020)
    112 Min
    The start of Luís Rovisco’s old age isn’t exactly cheerful. Already in his sixties, he’s still roaming the country by himself, carrying out his tasks — increasingly less real — as sales director for the company SegurVale. Sadness, resignation? Not with the songs Luís makes up behind the wheel, and that take over this film...
    2020 Music