Mark Polonia Movies

  • Watch Movies Dune World (2021) Full Free Online
    70 Min
    A deep space crew takes a job on a mysterious remote planet. A crash landing strands them on the hostile surface. Soon they find out what creatures live there, and the hidden fate of the crew before them.
    2021 Action
  • Watch Movies Jurassic Shark 2: Aquapocalypse (2021) Full Free Online
    71 Min
    A ferocious, prehistoric Megalodon has returned to the surface, terrorizing a group of oil rig workers and members of a local fishing village.
    2021 Action
  • Watch Movies Return to Splatter Farm (2020) Full Free Online
    71 Min
    Thirty years after the infamous ‘Death Farm’ murders in rural Pennsylvania, serial killing is in season once more. A young woman and her friends descend upon the farm to party after discovering that she has inherited the land. But soon after, the strange occurrences and brutal murders begin again. The shocking sequel to the 1987...
    2020 Horror
  • Watch Movies Virus Shark (2021) Full Free Online
    74 Min
    A shark bite spreads a virus across the globe, turning the world upside down. Deep below the ocean, a group of researchers race against time to find a cure. Something has infected the lab technicians and it’s a race against time to reach the surface with an antidote before they are all killed by themselves...
    2021 Horror
  • Watch Movies Bride of the Werewolf (2019) Full Free Online
    71 Min
    After two women are attacked on a desolate road they take refuge at the home of a kind-hearted stranger named Saul who harbors the dark secret of lycanthropy. Can a professor experimenting with the secrets of the Pharaohs cure Saul, or will a battle between the Werewolf and a freshly reanimated Mummy be the end...
    2019 Action
  • Watch Movies Alien Surveillance (2018) Full Free Online
    75 Min
    An alien invasion is caught in the surveillance cameras of an office building during a weekend work party.
    2018 Sci-Fi
  • Watch Movies Deadly Playthings (2019) Full Free Online
    77 Min
    A child’s mysterious doll, once home to restless and disembodied spirits, is handed down to the occupants of a new home. The doll, found hidden in the dark recesses of the basement, is adopted by a lonely, near mute, wheel-chair bound girl. Soon the loving family is thrown into a living hell. But the violent...
    2019 Horror
  • Watch Movies Amityville Exorcism (2017) Full Free Online
    78 Min
    A family must put faith in a mysterious priest when an demonic force, connected to a decades-old murders in their home, possesses their daughter.
    2017 Horror